The 14 Most Ridiculous Gifts Kanye West Has Given Kim Kardashian Over The Years

Well, it (might be) over.

Kim and Kanye smiling in happier times

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After years of extravagant and sometimes absurd gift giving, the first couple of showing you *just* how rich they are may have actually called it quits.

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In their memory, let’s recap how they showed they loved each other through ridiculous and over the top gifts.

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One time, Kanye gave Kim an engraved Cartier necklace with a text message he sent her on it.

This is the text message Kanye sent Kim:

And here is the engraving. Like it literally is a screenshot of the text.

A screenshot of a text!


For one birthday, Kanye got Kim a Hermes bag. He let their daughter North paint on the Hermes bag.

Hermes bags cost at least $10,000+.

Broadimage / Broadimage/Shutterstock


A scribbled Hermes bag covered in paint

Broadimage / Broadimage/Shutterstock


One Christmas, Kanye gave Kim a box of stocks to companies like Netflix, Apple, Adidas, and Disney.

You see, there’s a Mickey stuffed animal for Disney and Netflix gift cards for Netflix.

He gave her 920 shares of Disney stock alone, which is worth approximately $100,000.


Another Christmas, Kanye gave Kim 150 Christmas presents in black boxes.

Piles of black boxes

Kim Kardashian/ Instagram: @kimkardashian / Via

150 Christmas presents!

More piles of black boxes

All of those black boxes were for Kim!

Black boxes galore


One Mother’s Day, Kanye gave Kim a literal wall of roses, hydrangeas, and peonies…for Instagram pictures, I guess?


Another Mother’s Day, Kanye gave Kim a surprise orchestra in their living room.

An orchestra in their living room

Kim’s Snapchat / Via


An orchestra in the living room


Yet another Mother’s Day, Kim was in Brazil, so Kanye sent, in her words, “a couple thousand roses.”


Speaking of flowers, for one birthday, he got her these poofy feather flowers.

They were hanging from the ceiling of their hospital-esque living room.


For one of their anniversaries, Kanye surprised Kim with these “floating” flowers.

weird flower balls

Kim’s Snapchat / Via


For another Valentine’s Day, Kanye gave Kim 1,000 roses.


And who could forget the Valentine’s Day when Kanye gave Kim the gift of Kenny G in a room full of single roses in vases?

Kind of terrifying!


When they were dating, Kanye got Kim this cat named “Mercy” after his song “Mercy.”


When “she became a billionaire*,” Kanye made this still life:


And lastly, for Kim’s 40th birthday, Kanye got her a hologram of her deceased father.

Twitter: @kimkardashian

Scary, and like, kind of sad?

Twitter: @kimkardashian

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