28 Celebs Who Have Decided The COVID-19 Pandemic Doesn't Apply To Them

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the country, it’s important we learn from the mistakes from the first wave. That includes learning from the celebs who thought masks, social distancing, and ultimately just being cautious was optional! Ya know, something for just the commoners to follow.

Here are some celebs who thought the pandemic didn’t apply to them. Let’s learn from them about what NOT to do this time around.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, Rob Kardashian:

Kendall Jenner:

Kendall partying blowing out a cake

@kyliejenner / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith:

Justin and Jaden party at Kendall's party

@kyliejenner / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner

Lil Wayne:

Dr. Mike:

Dr. Mike partying during a pandemic

http://@doctor.mike / Via Instagram: @doctor.mike

Scott Dissick, The Weeknd, Kylie:

Kylie Jenner, Scott Dissick, and The Weeknd partying

@kimkardashian / Via Instagram: @kimkardashian

Saweetie, Doja Cat, Winnie Harlow:

@kyliejenner / Via Instagram: @kyliejenner

Bryce Hall:

Harry Jowsey:

Erika Costell:

The Chainsmokers:

James Charles and Charli D’Amelio:

James and Charli partying

@jamescharles / Via Instagram: @jamescharles

Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion:

Cardi and Meg partying

@theestallion / Via Instagram: @theestallion

Jake Paul:

Jake partying

@jakepaul / Via Instagram: @jakepaul

Jake partying

@jakepaul / Via Instagram: @jakepaul

Stassi (and Kylie, again):

Tana Mongeau:

Let me reiterate — wear your mask, wash your hands, social distance, and NO PARTIES. Bye!

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